workPlace you live in

Place you live in

photography set /mixed media
18x18 cm | 2007/2010

All photos were taken in Berlin. I was always interested in imaging unknown, ordinary places in other countries, or their equivalent to my home. How they are different or similar. I am taking advantage of knowing lot of other students from a various parts of the world. I am asking them how the place they live in looks like - the nearest surround, what they can see from their window or how is life there. I haven´t been in any of these places and also haven´t seen any photos. I am trying make the described images in my mind and than I´m exploring Berlin and looking for places, which somewhat looks like that. Of course it´s not possible find a perfect copy. Equivalents to distant places are often formated by cropping the shot – cutting out unsuitable surroundings. This only influences the composition, which is not intended in any other way.
This work are not just portraits of the people, nor the places only. For me it´s important that vague boundary between the fiction and moreless obvious improbability (climatic, architectonic, linguistics etc.)

popis česky


2011 House of reading, Municipal Library of Prague

2010 Distance zkreslena, Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2010 Café Aussig, Motorenhalle Dresden, GER

2010 cycle Landscapes, Rampa Gallery, Ústí nad Labem, CZ

2008 Edit my dreams, cut and piece my memories, Theatre 29, Pardubice, CZ