workA.M.G.P.D.T. + I.H.S.


light installation | 2009

Site specific installation for the Exhibition Way of Light / Via Lucis in the jesuitical church of the Annunciation of Our Lady
in Litoměřice, CZ.

Letters A.M.G.P.D.T., inscribed in ornaments 7m above ground around a chancel of Jesuitical church, could be for modern-day people mysterious and understandable abbreviation. Initial words of a prayer Hail Mary (Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum) besides an artistic function could keep a role of a hidden manual for memorizing. But principally refers to values, represented by then society. It´s similar for an abbreviation IHS and other signs and symbols, frequently used in own age.

In site-specific project Via Lucis (the way of light) I´m turning over their meaning and moving them into present-day society. I´m choosing values, or „values“ which are typical for contemporary society and whose names begin by the same letters in English. So the letters in the abbreviation, now in non-sence phrases, present frequent words like Atheistic Marketing, Genetic Password, Designed Tourism; ot Interactive Healthy Shopping.

The values must be protected and venerated. Sacral formulas, engraved by laser technology into spectacular and colored perspex plates, are put in 2m long illuminated caskets, alike supernatural light swords. The choice of material takes note of the seeming exclusivity, light-conductive character and usage in design and advertising. Caskets, situated into carefully selected places, are shining in darkness of the church space and are blending with centuries-old walls. The light is flowing through the material and the plates to the end of the casket, where is effusing on the wall and the paving with more and more intensity. /Via Lucis / Cesta světla [EN subtitles]


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