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Better City II

photography 70x46 cm, screening | 2011

This set of photos reflects my intention in exploring urban areas. During last months I had opportunity to get experience of various surroundings of three different cities – beside Taipei also cosmopolitan Hong Kong and wild Shanghai. In every of them there coexists separated worlds of rich business districts, impersonal prefab suburbs or mazes of old small streets.

I seek for extraordinary, "unsightly" but also banal places and search for idea of an ideal city. Could it be model clean streets with stripes of decorative watered lawn, rich districts of glassy skyscrapers and offices? Modern settlements with security and walls of electric protection? May it be also unplanned growing jungle of bizarre assemblage of small colourful houses, where a laundry is hanging on a street wiring and cats are running around? Places where children spend majority of their free time with their families, even if it could be on a pavement in front of a family store?

Where are people more happy and in which environment they can live the "real enriched" life? I saw a little from all of that on my expeditions and found places which touched my heart. I don´t know an answer to my question. I was catching my impressions into photos. I terminated my journey aptly in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. According the slogan of last year's Expo "Better City, Better Life" you can acquaint with official concept of an ideal city. Shangahi is expecting bright – clean and chrome-shining – orderly and ecological – fast and modern future. I'm just afraid that lot of my favorite places are not included into these plans.

Photography: Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong
Video: Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Dec 10 2011 - Jan 2012
藝術補給 Art Supply V:第三、四季駐村藝
Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

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