workI don´t understand but you are really sexy

I don´t understand but you are really sexy

spatial installation | 2011
40x180x25 cm, lightbox


來自捷克的駐村藝術家,觀察台北街景後產出的首號作品,誠實又誠 實。但她生來就不是藝術家自己的廣告燈箱,是我們城市中的任何一 人。歡迎領養這個作品,免費把她帶回去,馬上就掛上招牌,賣.. .弄台北的風騷!請直接連絡藝術家代理人


As I was inspired by a flood of advertising typical in the streets in Taiwan, I decided to have one made with a content you won't find for sure in the streets.
This installation reflects something from my whole situation here. To be in a country where language and system of writing is totally different from anything I´ve encountered before. Besides the signs, it is difficult to make sense of everyday normal situations. read more

2011 Treasure Hill
THAV, Taipei, Taiwan




空間裝置 (燈箱 40x180x25 cm)
寶藏巖國際藝術村THAV, Taipei

望眼台灣的街道,廣告招牌如洪水般激發了我一些靈感,我決定也要做出一個,當然,是你在街道上看不到的內容.這個裝置反映出我在這生活的所有體現.生活在這個語言及文字完全不同的國家是我未曾經歷過的. 除了街道上的廣告標示, 這很難合理化每日正常的情況.