workI don´t understand but you are really sexy

I don´t understand but you are really sexy

spatial installation | 2011
40x180x25 cm, lightbox

As I was inspired by a flood of advertising typical in the streets in Taiwan, I decided to have one made with a content you won't find for sure in the streets.
This installation reflects something from my whole situation here. To be in a country where language and system of writing is totally different from anything I´ve encountered before. Besides the signs, it is difficult to make sense of everyday normal situations.

I wanted to work with something fresh and a bit funny content instead of some 'deep' and serious concept. I used a simple and direct phrase – "I don´t understand." (It can mean understanding language as well as a wider range of situations). On the opposite side I decided to write the most stupid thing which came to me. "You are really sexy."
The word "but" on the spine may connect both nonsense phrases so they can be read (in both directions) like one sentence ..despite the strange meaning of it.
Anyway, this also reflects something I 'could' say to many girls here – as Taiwanese are really cute :)

2011 Treasure Hill THAV, Taipei, Taiwan

(Thanks to Tiffany and Roberto)

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