workA better life

A better life

projection on 3 aluminium boards 50x25, video loop 18 min | 2008

Instalation consists of three screens – three various kinds of text, projected on metallic boards on a wall. First are subjects from spam. I´ve choosed the most interested ones, that often looks like private messages. From thousands I´ve choosen only those which were quite universal. For me was important the eventuality of imaginary separation of the text from its purpose in an advertising.
On the second board are texts – slogans from common advertising. They are also in some way very universal and you can use them for whatever else. Furthermore, you can call them bullshits without any guarantee of a value.

Lot of these slogans refer to some value in the life. They talks about happiness, satisfaction, security. Does it mean they ARE valuable itself? They bring values or just talk about it?  On  both screens I separate text from original content of advertising, so that everyone can imagine the meaning by him own.
Metalic boards are there for the objective value of durable material over against immateriality of light. They also refer to advertising boards, even if they are more minimalist.
Texts on the third board are advertising slogans, generated from „advertising slogan generator“ on internet. You can insert there the name of your company or product, which than became part of generated sentence. I´ve choosen the word „nothing“, so that slogans are about nothing, describes nothing, offer nothing. They are simply empty, but very similar to sentences from other screens.