workRape it all!

Rape it all!

Spatial Installation | 2010
520 x 200 cm, extruded polystyrene

Installation Rape it all! consists of large amount of small tridimensional fragments, irregularly spread on the whole surface of a wall. In its concept points out to important changes of landscape on a background of development of contemporary society.

I understand the environment and landscape as continually changing structure, fully linked with history of man. Character of European (not only) landscape is above all image of mutual human and natural acting. Nevertheless, I think, that many of transforms of landscape are problematic. At first for heavy fragmentation due to excessive, scrappy and intensive building and escalation of traffic communications. Besides negative ecological consequences it comes to the change of the landscape character and decreasing the public space. It happens mostly without respect to native values in each area.

Installation Rape it all! is visually inspired by typical image of urban models, which are usually made by amount of simple monochromatic geometric objects without more details, making the whole model of a city, a district etc. Installation is made by almost one thousand objects in sizes from 17x17 mm to 80x60mm and in thickness of 10-70 mm. Design of majority of them comes from common industrial buildings, storehouses and similar contructions. Some of them are cutted into a shape to make edges of the sign, which is hidden inside the installation and can´t be visible clearly at first sight. RAPE IT ALL! Rape means to violate, to abuse or to plunder. It can be metaphorically used in meaning for debasement of the landscape.
The number of fragments corresponds to excessive and chaotic urban sprawl into empty landcape and the public space. It makes some fictional model of urbanized landscape. Objects are installed on a wall, so we can see the text in installation from distance of several meters.
The slogan is aggressive, but as well as every marketing and developer´s strategies could be. I think using the aggressive slogan is suitable, in adition it is in contrast with soft and abstract impression from the whole artwork. Extruded polystyrene is suitable for its easy processing and low weight. Beeing used for architectonical and urban models as well as in real construction site, it´s fitting with the whole theme. To avoid using some frame around the work, all pieces are installed individually on a wall.

I´m used to have solid conceptual background for all of my works, but that doesn´t mean impossibility of individual attitude of each spectator. This installation can be viewed as well as just like big abstract mosaic wiht soft impression of many tones of white. The concept was important for me to developing the work, but it´s not absolutely necessary for the audience.