workEast Western - West Eastern

East Western
- West Eastern

foil on PVC board, each 120 x 110 cm | 2008

Looking back to the history is unavoidable for city of Dresden, even if it’s very inconsistent. I feel a dilemma of citizens what to think about past of this formerly exemplary town, which later went throught severals basic and dramatical changes.
But I can’t judge and criticise their opinions and efforts about city face in the future and their attitude to their past. After quite long time break the officials decided put back historical buildings in the city center, damaged in the end of World war II. But not only the most famous sightseeings, also surrounding buildings. They, I think, goes quite over an aesthetic border for historical center, which is becoming to something like the Legoland, the overripe imitations.
More important is however the citizenship’s attitude to their history. On the contrary to e.g  Berlin, which disturbed past is remembered by a lot of empty grassed places (moreover perfect spaces for a relaxation), Dresdeners do as if they want forget the dark past at all.
It doesn’t relate only to buildings damaged during the war. Dresden was long time part of DDR, East Europe, that can be recognized by an architecture - it can’t be said that in only negative way. Now the city belongs to Federal Republic of Germany, that is called west Europe. In spite of the fact it lies somewhat on a periphery and still keep some „eastern specifics“. Can we say Dresden is by West on the east, or rather by East on the west?

So is it Dresden rather western on the East or eastern on the West?
In some ways it´s similar to Ústí nad Labem. Typical “eastern town”, beeing also rebuilded nowadays, which would like to be more western. Now, after “canceling” boarders, both cities can be more closer each other. Perhaps..

Name of worldwide hotel network Best Western sounds me interesting for a long time. Even if you are on the “most eastern” place on the world, you can be accommodated in “best western style”. (Although the origin of the name comes from west-east dividing of USA, in European conditions sounds quite anew)

The name of exhibition, for which this work was created, was Hotel Vladimir (within Hot Destination, Marginal Destiny project). It’s fitting, because hotel Vladimir also belongs to Best Western. Although this hotel network is global, its name still can remaind separation on West and East.
It can be said each sign symbolizes one city. But I´ll not say you which. It´s up to you.

Hotel Vladimir, Motorenhalle Dresden, 2008